Maoist China Survivor Says DOJ’s Targeting of Parents Will “Backfire”

Maoist China Survivor Says DOJ's Targeting of Parents Will

( – United States school board meetings have turned into battlegrounds in recent months. Concerns over mask mandates and the teaching of radical and divisive ideas like Critical Race Theory have pitted parents against each other and board members at various intervals.

Those events, along with threats lodged against school board members and educators, prompted a response from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

A Virginia mother who lived in the People’s Republic of China during the reign of the infamous Communist leader Mao Zedong recently spoke to Fox News about similarities she sees between the actions of the NSBA and the DOJ.

Xi Van Fleet said she is very familiar with China’s age-old use of divide and conquer tactics. In Maoist China, the government worked to cancel traditional Chinese culture and destroy the nation’s rich heritage. “[That] is happening in here in America [now],” she warned.

Continuing, she said advocates first tried to portray parents concerned about the teaching of critical race theory as “racists.” Next, they tried to classify them as “domestic terrorists.”

“What’s [the] next step?” she asked. Is a crackdown like the world witnessed in Tiananmen Square around the corner? She concluded her remarks predicting the effort by the DOJ and NSBA to silence parents would “backfire.” If not, then America is already lost, she exclaimed.

The DOJ and NSBA’s Efforts to Silence Parents

The organized effort to push back on parents began with a letter from the NSBA to President Joe Biden on September 29. The Association claimed that America’s public schools, educators, and officials were under an “immediate threat.” The letter asked for assistance from federal law officials in thwarting what it called a “growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation” happening from coast to coast.

Then, on Monday, October 4, Attorney General Merrick Garland directed all US Attorney’s Offices and FBI Field Offices to meet with local, tribal, territorial, state, and federal law enforcement officials to address violent threats against school officials and teachers. He gave the offices 30 days to accomplish that goal.

Garland also issued a memorandum detailing upcoming DOJ efforts to combat “illegal” threats against public servants. Those efforts will include the creation of a multi-agency task force comprised of law enforcement agencies, US Attorneys, and other similar federal offices to utilize law enforcement tools to prosecute offenders and assist local law enforcement officials.

The strong language employed by Garland’s memorandum itself is cause for alarm. What do you think? Is Xi Van Fleet’s vision of Chairman Mao’s regime in the Biden administration accurate?

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