Marco Rubio BLASTS Biden – New Statement Released!

Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Biden Over Meeting With Jinping

Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Biden Over Meeting With Xi Jinping

( – President Joe Biden was half a world away at the G20 summit this past week. During his time abroad, he met with many world leaders. One of the most highly anticipated get-togethers was with China’s President Xi Jinping on November 14. The White House characterized the talk as successful, but newly re-elected Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wasn’t satisfied with Biden’s approach.

Talks between Biden and Xi impressed most observers as open and communicative. The leaders focused on working together and avoiding aggressive stances that could lead to another Cold War. While the discussion stayed positive, Biden “raised concerns” about human rights, Taiwan, and questionable economic practice, according to the White House statement.

Rubio released a statement saying felt the president fell short of adequately addressing real concerns. The senator argued that Biden doesn’t see the big picture or what China really wants. He felt the Commander-in-Chief put too much faith in Xi’s word that he wants peace.

Rubio also claimed Biden overly focused on the climate agenda, arguing that the administration “dangerously misunderstands” China. He noted the president should have brought up other essential issues and pushed back on “rampant human rights abuses,” US intellectual property theft, and China’s avoidance of a proper investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also accused Biden of putting climate concerns ahead of national security.

What do you think? Should Biden have focused on different priorities during his talk with China’s leader?

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