Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Shocking Comments About Military Service

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Shocking Comments About Military Service

( – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is no stranger to trouble. She routinely makes remarks many find controversial, but her most recent comments have many wondering if she’s pushed new boundaries. In an April 9 interview on The Great American Show with Lou Dobbs, Greene compared joining the military to “throwing your life away.” She listed multiple reasons why nobody should join the armed forces due to the Biden administration’s policies.

Dobbs questioned Biden’s foreign policies, which he equated to reducing military members to “boots on the ground.” He also pointed to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying it would keep people from enlisting because they might feel like they could walk into a similar situation. His comment prompted Greene to equate military service to a wasted life.

Greene also spoke about how the military is a mess on all levels. She called the training “woke” and said people observe how the military treats troops and wouldn’t want similar treatment, pointing to the mandatory vaccine requirements and discharges. Additionally, the Georgia representative explained recruiters struggle to find anyone to enlist because the rules of engagement don’t allow troops to fight back until the other side instigates.

Are Greene’s comments in line with what’s happening within the US military, or do you think she stepped over the line with her remarks?

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