Mark Ruffalo Says War in Ukraine Is a Gift for the Climate

Mark Ruffalo Says War in Ukraine Is a 'Gift' for the Climate

Delusional Hollywood Star Says War In Ukraine Is a ‘Gift’ — You Won’t Believe Why

( – Hollywood celebrities often seem disconnected from the real world, but actor Mark Ruffalo is really out there. During an interview on MSNBC’s Katy Tur Reports on April 26, he called the Ukraine conflict “a gift to the president.” Ruffalo claimed the issue is bringing people together, and policymakers can use what has become a great tool to focus attention on climate change.

The actor explained President Joe Biden could use people’s disdain for high energy prices, which the administration blames on Russia’s military action in Ukraine, to push his clean energy agenda. He wants the White House to feed on Americans’ fear and connect climate change to national security.

In responses on Twitter, one user who identifies as an environmentalist wasn’t impressed with the actor’s comments.

Journalist Bob Hoge called the star’s opinions “a pretty sick take” in a piece published on RedState. He pointed out people are dying in Ukraine because of the conflict, saying using the situation as propaganda to further a political agenda is disgusting. Hoge also noted how Ruffalo was “gleeful” about using this as a tool. The actor seemed to forget this is real life and not one of his Hollywood movies.

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