Massive EXPLOSION Reported – Look What Happened Afterward!

Bridge Between Russia, Crimea Reportedly Destroyed

Bridge Between Russia, Crimea Reportedly Damaged in Explosion

( – The bombing of the only bridge connecting Crimea and Russia on October 8 was apparently the catalyst for a resurgence of aggression from Moscow against Ukraine. Russian forces rained down missiles on October 10 after months of calm in the capital city of Kyiv. They also hit Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia, marking attacks in multiple regions of Ukraine.

The Bridge Bombing

The only land connection between Russia and Crimea was the Kerch Bridge. The attack appeared to involve a truck bomb that ignited a train traveling on a parallel span on the bridge. The BBC reported that parts of the bridge seemed to have reopened some hours after the blast, but it’s unknown when the bridge will be fully operational again.

According to a recent report from The Hill, the connection’s loss is bad news for Moscow because it served as a prominent supply line into Ukraine, and its destruction might hinder the Kremlin’s war efforts.

The same report also noted that taking out the bridge might have symbolized a personal affront to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who valued it as a symbol of his power and ability to retake Ukraine. He celebrated its construction publicly and placed great emphasis on its symbolism. While meeting with the chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee, the Russian leader categorized the bombing as a terrorist attack by Ukrainian Special Forces. He said it required a swift and severe reaction.

Ukraine’s Reaction

When the bombing happened, Ukrainians weren’t too upset. The government posted on Twitter a simple message in after the incident: “sick burn.” Still, no one has officially taken responsibility for the attack.

Russia’s Retaliation

Putin believes Kyiv was behind the attack. He struck hard and fast, increasing missile attacks within Ukraine to levels not seen in months. According to ABC News, the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff claimed Russia’s military fired 84 cruise missiles and two dozen drones, 56 of which Ukraine managed to shoot down.

News outlets have reported that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Moscow is trying to wipe out his country.

Ukraine’s Emergency Service reported severe damage to civilian areas and infrastructure. The targeted attacks struck a playground, multiple commercial buildings, a pedestrian span, and energy systems. They knocked out power and water service in some areas. The latest reports suggest at least 20 people were killed in Monday’s missile strikes.

The bridge bombing and Moscow’s reaction have become yet another page in the book of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Now, the rest of the world is on alert and concerned Putin may use the situation to justify making good on his nuclear threats.

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