Mayor Issues Warning About “Lone Wolves”

Photo by Mike C. Valdivia on Unsplash

( – Following the attacks by Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, against Israel this past weekend, Eric Adams, the Democratic Mayor of New York City, warned residents of the city that they should beware of possible “lone wolves.”

The Hill reported that during a Tuesday press conference with other city officials, Adams stated that city officials were going to be monitoring social media sites for any possible threats against religious communities in the city. This comes at a time when the fighting between Israel and Hamas has intensified. He further pointed out that social media posts could further escalate the issue and that it was possible that “lone wolves” could end up being radicalized on the Internet.

Adams stated that these posts could worsen the growing issue and that people shouldn’t underestimate the effect that these “lone wolves” could have. He added that those who are radicalized online and release statements on the web can often motivate others to act in terrible ways.

John Chell, the New York Police Department Chief of Patrol, answered a question about what New Yorkers needed to be on the lookout for by pointing out that the department was going to provide additional resources to ensure the safety of religious institutions and communities.

Chell added that the team has been coordinating their response to ensure that the Jewish community has access to all the necessary resources. He said that they have many calls from communities and that everyone has a clear understanding of the steps they are going to be taking.

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