McDonald’s Tries Out Robotic Servers in Texas

McDonald's Tests Robotic Restaurant in Texas

( – Nearly from its inception as a burger restaurant in 1948, McDonald’s has focused on self-service. The original owners, brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald, fired all of the restaurant’s 20 waitresses. The move allowed them to lower their prices. That might be one aspect McDonald’s is testing at its newly opened robot restaurant in Texas.

This December, Americans learned of a new McDonald’s near Fort Worth, Texas, geared towards people not wanting to sit down and eat under the signature golden arches. Instead, customers order food at kiosks for delivery via a robotic conveyor belt that hands over their orders – even in the drive-through.

While some humans still prepare burgers and fries behind the scenes, they are quite sparse at this new location where the franchise is testing the technology.

Additionally, the restaurant has designated spots for delivery drivers and a separate room for them to pick up orders quickly to go.

Some people publicly expressed dismay on social media at the automation in the fast food industry, lamenting that robots will take away much-needed jobs, according to Newsweek. However, The New York Post wrote that some users were more welcoming of the change, with one TikTok user saying that “finally,” their orders will be completed properly and in a timely manner. Others emphasized they much prefer interacting with the people who make and serve their meals, even at simple, fast food joints like Mcdonald’s, and they hope the famous burger spot doesn’t continue to move in this direction.

While McDonald’s doesn’t plan to roll out this concept at any new locations soon, it serves to show Americans what the future could look like. What do you think of the concept of automated restaurants?

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