Media Host Slams Use of “Wokeism” as Derogatory Term

Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

( – Gayle King, host of “CBS Mornings,” recently criticized the usage of the term “woke” as a descriptor of radical left-wing opinions and pointed out that in her view, “wokeism” was “truthism.”

Last week, King spoke following correspondent Lisa Ling’s report Florida tossing a history course about African American history with CRT influences. King argued that there were many things she could say to defend both the AP course and woke ideas, which she equated to the truth.

She said it was saddening that the term “wokeism” is now being used as a weapon, as people are missing the point of what is “being taught here.” She proceeded to say that she did not view it as “wokeism,” but rather as “truthism.” She continued by said that the concerns expressed over the classes being considered woke are blown out of proportion and that if people actually looked at what the classes were teaching, they would realize that there are no teachings in the classes about hating White people.

Co-host Nate Burleson joined the discussion by stating that “wokeism” was misleading future generations from being taught the country’s history, to which King agreed.

The segment presented by Ling portrayed the decision of the Florida government as unjustified. This is a position that King agreed with, slamming all those who referred to the course as “woke.” She further claimed that the term was only being used to discredit the teachings in these classes.

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