Medical Helicopter Goes Down in Philadelphia

Medical Helicopter Goes Down in Philadelphia

( – Parents who have children in critical condition must sometimes put all their faith in a team of medical caregivers who will fly their child to a facility that can handle their needs. It is a nerve-wracking experience, but what happens when something goes wrong mid-air?

At about 1:00 pm, on January 11, a medical helicopter carrying a two-month-old infant and three crew members crashed in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, near the Drexel Hill United Methodist Church. Rescue teams quickly rushed to the scene, fearing the worst, but what they found was miraculous. Nobody on the flight suffered any severe injuries, including the small patient.

A spokesperson from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency said the helicopter had mechanical issues in the air. It shaved a stop sign in half and broke into two pieces when it crashed.

Joshua James, a witness, explained what he saw, saying the tail was swinging back and forth. He couldn’t understand how the pilot managed to miss all the power lines and didn’t hit anything major on the way down. James said the copter hit the road and slid on the ground before tipping and crashing.

According to officials, the aircraft was a Eurocopter EC135 medical helicopter owned by Air Methods. It was operating under the LifeNet program out of Maryland and was heading to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

The injured crew members went to a nearby hospital, and the patient ended up at the original destination, CHOP. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy M. Bernhardt credits the pilot with such a safe landing despite the circumstances.

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