Melania Trump’s Lasting Legacy As First Lady Revealed

Melania Trump's Lasting Legacy As First Lady Revealed

( – Like their husbands, first ladies walk out of the White House and onto the pages of history books. Jacqueline Kennedy supervised an extensive restoration project of the White House, adding paintings, antiques and artifacts. Laura Bush oversaw changes in the Oval Office, turning it into a sunny place reflecting the nature of the “optimist [who] worked there.”

Refurbishing the White House was not a top priority for former first lady Melania Trump. However, she left her mark on the 132-room mansion in a significant way. She restored the building’s wooden doors, scarred by presidential dogs over the years. She also oversaw a restoration of the East Room and the replacement of sun-damaged upholstery in the Red Room.

Perhaps most noticeably, she added a new tennis pavilion and oversaw a near-complete redesign of the famous Rose Garden. Her office recently issued a statement noting her passion for the “historic preservation” of the White House.

Not all presidents leave a permanent mark on the White House, nor does every first lady. However, Melania Trump ensured her time there enhanced the House’s beauty and protected its historical significance.

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