Mexico Refuses to Accept Return of Illegal Immigrants

Mexico Refuses to Accept Return of Illegal Immigrants

( – Joe Biden walked into the Oval Office with all the swagger of a new sheriff in town. Reaching for his six-shooters, he quickly let off a rapid-fire series of executive actions designed to undo Donald Trump’s efforts to enhance border security.

Trump’s carefully-crafted emergency declaration regarding the nation’s southern border dramatically improved homeland security. At the same time, the Trump administration negotiated terms with Mexico to accept the return of illegal immigrants.

Now, Biden has issued multiple executive orders, presidential proclamations, memorandums, and directives shredding many of the Trump administration’s efforts. Several of these presidential actions happened during his first day in office, setting off alarm bells throughout Washington, DC, and beyond.

Mexico Changes the Name of the Game

On Thursday, February 4, Breitbart News reported the Mexican government had decided to stop receiving Central Americans turned back at the US border. As a result, US Customs and Border Protection authorities began releasing families into the United States. Department of Homeland Security officials are concerned this “catch and release” policy could result in massive waves of unlawful migration.

Customs and Border Protection officials are equally concerned that Mexico’s refusal to accept migrants could cause an overflow of people in detention facilities on the US side of the border. Overcrowding of those facilities would provoke widespread violations of COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

US authorities have turned back the majority of unauthorized migrants at the border under a Trump administration emergency order issued by the Centers for Disease Control. However, with Biden’s itchy trigger finger, it may be only a matter of time before he reverses that decision.

Incoming presidents often issue several executive orders when they assume office. However, Biden has signed them at a furious rate, often at the expense of homeland security.

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