Michael Sussmann Cleared by Jury in Court

Michael Sussmann Cleared by Jury in Court

Clinton Campaign Lawyer SAVED In Surprise Verdict

(ConservativeHub.com) – A jury returned a not guilty verdict in the case of attorney Michael Sussmann on May 31. Special Counsel John Durham had brought charges against Sussman for allegedly giving false statements to the FBI when he brought them his concerns about Trump’s campaign colluding with Russians on September 19, 2016. The attorney claimed he wasn’t representing a client when he spoke to the FBI, but Durham said the attorney was working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The prosecution’s evidence included billing statements showing Sussmann was working for the Clinton campaign when he met with the FBI. Various agents also testified that the investigation of Sussmann’s allegations proved unfounded. The defendant didn’t testify.

The trial lasted two weeks, and the jury deliberated for over a day. They found Durham didn’t prove his case to meet the reasonable standard of doubt.

After hearing the verdict, Sussmann maintained that the accusations against him were false. He said the jury made the right decision and everything he said to the FBI was truthful. Durham stated the verdict was disappointing, but he respected the jury’s decision. He thanked the prosecutors and investigators for their work and perseverance.

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley spoke out about the jury he claimed was biased, comprised of government employees, those who admitted donating to Democrats, and a person whose daughter is on a sports team with Sussmann’s child. Turley claimed the defense stacked the jury in its favor. Brett Tolman, a former federal prosecutor, said it wasn’t surprising the DC court and jury ignored the law and substantial evidence to make a politically-inspired decision.

What do you think? Did the jury do the right thing by clearing Sussman?

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