Migrant Family Heading Back to Venezuela, Citing Homelessness, Little Opportunity

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Some immigrants who had ended up in Chicago are reportedly leaving as the resources in the city are stretched thin.

According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, Michael Castejon, who had migrated his family, including his wife and stepdaughter, from Venezuela, has decided to return to his home country with them. In the United States, they reportedly suffered from being homeless, and there was no access to education or job opportunities. Castejon stated there was nothing for them left there, and the American Dream no longer existed.

Castejon is reportedly not the only one who feels that there is no opportunity in the United States. Especially as the winter cold is approaching in Chicago and other cities, many migrants have requested tickets either to return to their home countries or to move to other cities in order to try to stay off the streets during the winter period.

Castejon questioned how many more months they were expected to continue living in the streets. He added that it would be significantly better if they opted to leave and return to their home country, where his mother was located.

Some migrants have also claimed that they have incorrectly been led to believe that they would be given work permits and asylum. Debate has arisen among leaders and the public about how to handle the large number of migrants seeking support in the US.

Castejon stated that they had anticipated things to be easier and that the entire process was going to be much faster.

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