Military Data REVEALED – Grim Statistics Reversing?

Pentagon Reports Decrease in Military Suicides

Pentagon Reports Decrease in Military Suicides

( – In recent decades, suicides in the military have become increasingly prevalent, forcing leaders to reassess mental health resources for their service members. A new report shows military suicides decreased by 15% in 2021 compared to the year before — although it may still be too early to tell what that means, long-term.

On Thursday, October 20, the Pentagon released a report documenting the number of self-inflicted deaths in the military. While the Army’s statistics actually went up slightly in 2021, the branch may be on track to have lower numbers for 2022, data suggests. However, both the Air Force and the Marine Corps saw more than a 30% drop in suicides, while the Navy experienced around a 10% decrease.

While many are optimistic about this news, one year doesn’t promise the next year will also observe the same trends. reported that leaders have said there are a number of factors that can play a role in suicides among service members, including relationship issues and financial hardships. Executive Director of the Defense Department’s Office of Force Resiliency Elizabeth Foster pointed out that the numbers symbolize families and communities that have been “forever changed” by suicide, and it’s important for officials to continue working on solutions to prevent it, according to the New York Post.

The military hopes to continue battling mental health issues facing its members to reduce suicides further and improve service members’ quality of life.

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