Military General Warns of Space Threats

Military General Warns of Space Threats

( – Experts have spoken at length over the years about the threats China and Russia pose to the US. However, a military general recently weighed in on another issue — the current threat posed by both nations in outer space.

Gen. David D. Thompson, the US Space Force’s Vice Chief of Operations, discussed the present threat levels raised by Chinese and Russian space operations during a Washington Post interview published on November 30. As he explained, the Space Force is countering attacks on US satellites “every single day.” Fortunately, the attacks are reversible, meaning the damage they inflict can be repaired.

However, as Gen. Thompson warned, the attacks are “growing and expanding” daily. Continuing, he said the situation constitutes an “evolution of activity” that’s been escalating for a long time.

According to Gen. Thompson, the United States has reached a point “where there’s a whole host of ways that [US] space systems can be threatened” by the nation’s adversaries.

Gen. Thompson also warned the Chinese pose a particularly concerning risk to US-based space operations. They have recently increased their use of ground-based systems for waging war in space. He noted that China is “well ahead” of Russia, adding they are “fielding operational systems” for use in space “at an incredible rate.”

Former President Donald Trump established the US Space Force in December 2019, but the country has heard little about this elite fighting outfit since then. Let’s hope the Biden administration makes sure to provide the funding and resources necessary to maintain US superiority in the space domain.

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