Military Members File Lawsuit After Denial of Religious Exemption to Vaccine

Military Members File Lawsuit After Denial of Religious Exemption to Vaccine

Military Members PUSH BACK Against Mandate – They’ve Had Enough!

( – When COVID-19 first hit American shores, citizens had no idea what to expect from the new virus. The government sped vaccines through the emergency approval process and distributed them to people in record-breaking time. The military also mandated all their personnel receive the double-shot jab. However, some military members are now pushing back against the mandate.

On Friday, May 27, the First Liberty Institute announced a new federal class-action lawsuit filed jointly with Schaerr|Jaffe LLP law firm. The organizations are hoping to obtain a temporary restraining order for Air Force members. They claim the Department of Defense is religiously discriminating against service members who object to the vaccines on religious grounds by forcing them out of service for rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Fox News Digital editor Kelly Laco shared more:

According to First Liberty, around 2% of Air Force personnel haven’t fully vaccinated against COVID-19. While the branch has approved hundreds of administrative and medical exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine, very few have received religious exemptions.

Mike Berry, Director of Military Affairs for First Liberty Institute, said “punishing” the servicemen and women who have sincerely held religious beliefs preventing them from receiving the vaccine “is illegal, vindictive, and wrong.”

US military members generally submit to intense vaccine schedules. But, the COVID-19 vaccine and its accompanying mandates have raised significant controversy since it started getting rolled out. Now, members must wait to see whether this lawsuit will allow them to continue serving their nation or if the military will dismiss them from service.

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