Military Ordered to Implement Plan to Reduce Civilian Casualties

Military Ordered to Implement Plan to Reduce Civilian Casualties

( – The casualties of war are often innocent people caught in the wrong place. Protecting civilians during a conflict is often difficult to accomplish, but the Secretary of Defense hopes to make it easier.

On January 27, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin tasked the Pentagon with improving the methods used to reduce civilian casualties from airstrikes. He gave them 90 days to address recommendations from a RAND Corporation study for improvement.

A report from The Hill points out that this development comes after critical assessments of how the Pentagon handled the Afghanistan airstrike at Kabul. Officials acknowledged they made mistakes that led to the loss of innocent lives.

The RAND report outlined several areas where change would increase operational efficiency. Some recommendations included:

  • Development of trained personnel to limit civilian casualties
  • Improved organization to allow for more effective analysis of situations
  • Clearer processes for having commanders take control of civilian casualty issues

RAND also noticed a patterned failure to disburse incident reports to those involved, which meant personnel could not learn from their mistakes.

General Austin’s orders seek to implement the changes from the report and fix the noted issues. If properly addressed, the new plans could significantly minimize civilian casualties in future airstrike situations.

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