Minneapolis Voters Reject Effort to Replace Police Department

Minneapolis Voters Reject Effort to Replace Police Department

(ConservativeHub.com) – George Floyd’s 2020 death at the hands of the police kicked off nearly a year and a half of violent protests. The rioting and looting quickly resulted in calls to “Defund the Police.” Finally, Minneapolis voters had the opportunity to weigh in on the future of their police department — and they rejected the call to replace it.

On Tuesday, November 2, Minneapolis voted to reject the proposition to remove its police department and replace it with a so-called “public-health oriented” and more politically correct Department of Public Safety. Organizers of the “Yes” campaign only managed to eke out a paltry 43.83% of the vote, with 56.17% of the voters checking the “no” box. The measure required 51% to pass.

Had the measure passed, the task of overseeing the city’s new policing agency would have fallen to a commission nominated by the city’s mayor and approved by the city council. Additionally, the proposition would have removed the police department, its chief, and minimum staffing and funding requirements.

Opponents of the measure expressed concern it fell short of creating any functional framework for replacing the police department with the Department of Public Safety. They argued the ballot measure merely served to eliminate the police department and chief, and that it didn’t actually lay out enough of a working plan for creating the new department.

What do you think about the police in your hometown? Do you support replacing them or doing away with local law enforcement altogether?

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