Missiles FIRED – Tensions Suddenly Escalate!

North Korea, South Korea Reportedly Fire Missiles Near Each Other

North Korea, South Korea Reportedly Fire Missiles Near Each Other

(ConservativeHub.com) – North and South Korea have a rocky history, and tensions have been especially high in recent months. Pyongyang has been vocal about not liking the relationship between Seoul and Washington. And on November 2, the situation escalated when the North fired multiple missiles, some reports said as many as 23, towards its southern neighbor.

One of the missiles landed close to the Northern Limit Line, the maritime border between the two nations. The hit marked the closest shot since the countries separated. Another was within 100 miles of Ulleung Island, part of South Korea, prompting air raid sirens. Additionally, Pyongyang fired artillery into the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the countries in violation of a 2018 agreement establishing it as a buffer area.

In response, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol ordered missile tests, shooting three near the border. A statement from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff declared the North’s actions unacceptable.

North Korea’s actions came in response to joint military drills using stealth jets, code-named Vigilant Storm, coordinated by South Korea and the US. Pyongyang warned the allies against an escalation of aggression. The incident marks the second time in recent months the North has fired missiles in response to a training operation of this type. The first was in September when Washington and South Korea conducted a naval exercise.

North Korea continued firing missiles on Thursday, with Japan activating its early warning system in the morning due to fears one of the projectiles might fly over the country. During a joint news conference with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin the same day, Suk-yeol issued a warning to its neighboring nation that if it launches a nuclear attack, it “will result in the end of the Kim regime.”

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