Mitch McConnell Offers Lukewarm Midterm Prediction for GOP

Mitch McConnell Offers Lukewarm Midterm Prediction for GOP

Mitch McConnell’s MIDTERM Prediction Turns Heads – Bad News for the GOP?

( – Biden’s widely criticized performance during his first two years in the White House fueled talk of a red wave in November. Some initial predictions said the Senate would be an easy win, but the lower chamber would be more challenging. Yet, recent comments from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) point to a changing atmosphere.

McConnell was at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce luncheon on August 18 when he spoke about what he thinks will likely happen in the midterms. He explained there’s a better chance for Republicans to take the House than the Senate. The senator noted candidate quality plays a significant role, but he didn’t point to anyone who may be lacking.

McConnell believes that because House candidates represent specific districts, it’s easier to secure those seats that require a narrower appeal. He thinks the Senate race will stay tight, possibly with one party taking a slight majority over the other. But, at this point, he feels it could go either way.

Historically, the party opposite the sitting president has a strong showing in midterm elections. Early on, the minority leader believed the GOP could easily grab the majority in the Senate. However, it seems now he’s lowering expectations. What do you think will happen at Midterms?

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