Mitt Romney Wants to Bring Back Expanded Child Tax Credit

Mitt Romney Wants to Revive Child Tax Credit

( – The expanded child tax credit was part of the pandemic relief package from the federal government. It provided an advance monthly payment of the credit families with children typically obtain when filing their taxes. But it expired at the end of 2021. Now a senator wants to revive the option, but with some stringent guidelines.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is working steadily to obtain bipartisan support to bring back the expanded child tax credit. He revised the previous version to appeal to other GOP members. Romney’s proposal would change the tax code and cut funding to some aid programs, and families would have to meet specific work requirements.

While Republicans may like the ideas he’s putting forth, the Senator faces a bit more trouble getting support from House Democrats. Some are likely to be unhappy with slashing aid programs or the addition of any work stipulations. For instance, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) indicated he sees work requirements as punishing children in struggling families. Plus, tax reform is always a sticky topic and a difficult hurdle to move past.

Despite the potential issues, a GOP aide said Romney is gaining support because most lawmakers see the benefits of the credit program, and with close margins in both the House and Senate, they know they need both sides on board.

Would you support Romney’s proposal for child tax credit?

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