Moderna COVID Vaccine Being Shipped Out by FedEx

Moderna COVID Vaccine Being Shipped Out by FedEx

( – Hope finally arrived to an anxious country on December 11. After months of lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing, the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine signaled the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

Similarly, the FDA approved an EUA for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, December 18. FedEx workers in Memphis, Tennessee, and Olive Branch, Mississippi, began shipping the shots over the weekend, and they started arriving at medical facilities and pharmacies nationwide on Monday, December 21.

The Trump administration left it up to the states to determine who gets the shots first. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a report on December 1, providing detailed recommendations.

According to the CDC, the highest priority groups are essential health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities. The next phase will include non-essential health care workers, individuals with co-morbidities, and people aged 65 and older. Afterward, the states will continue rolling out the vaccine until everyone who wants an inoculation receives one.

The process of immunizing everyone likely won’t be completed until spring or summer, but help is finally on the way. Does this development mean the country can finally begin returning to normal?

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