Moms Dress Up as Zombies for Halloween To Support Cancer Research

Photo by Kent Rebman on Unsplash

( – A group of mothers in Connecticut, known as the Mombies, transformed the typical Halloween festivities into an extraordinary cause: raising funds for breast cancer research. Comprised of nurses, lawyers, accountants, and various other professionals, these women secretly convened weeks before the holiday to perfect their dance numbers and craft macabre costumes.

Their performance was more than just fun. According to Fox News, one participant indicated it was a deeply emotional experience, especially for those who were cancer survivors themselves. It served as a source of strength and camaraderie for the women involved, allowing them to share their individual stories and offer emotional support to one another.

The Mombies were meticulous in their planning. They would collaborate with professional choreographers and devote time to rehearse their numbers, typically set to a blend of various tunes, though Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was an enduring favorite. Despite their busy lives—juggling work, family, and children’s sports activities—they were committed to putting on an unforgettable show. The group also prided themselves on their creative prowess in costume design and makeup, sharing insider tips on how to achieve the perfect ‘undead’ look, even utilizing coffee grinds as an effective ‘dirt’ on their costumes.

The sense of mystery surrounding the Mombies’ activities served to heighten community anticipation. Even their own children were kept in the dark about which songs would be featured in the performance each year. When Halloween finally arrived, the streets of the Fairfield Beach neighborhood buzzed with excitement as these ‘zombified’ moms put on a show, drawing audiences who sat across the street, eagerly waiting for the performance to begin.

Behind this enjoyable Halloween event was a more serious motive: supporting the Cancer Couch Foundation. Founded by Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera, who passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2019, the organization aimed to fast-track research and treatments for this specific type of cancer. The foundation, a family endeavor, funneled 100% of its raised funds to world-leading cancer research centers. Since its inception, the Mombies had contributed over $170,000 to this cause.

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