More Classified Material Discovered in Biden’s Possession

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – The case against President Joe Biden is intensifying as even more classified documents were located by his lawyers in his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

White House attorney Richard Sauber in a statement said that the newest search for classified documents led to the discovery of several more pages of classified documents which had been found in Biden’s library. Previously the White House had said that only one single page had been found in that location, according to The Associated Press.

However, as Sauber explained in his statement on Saturday, Biden’s personal lawyers did not have the authorization necessary in order to keep searching after the first page was found on Wednesday. This is why it was Sauber who found the remaining pages on Thursday. The pages have since been retrieved by the Department of Justice.

This is the third batch of classified documents from the Obama-Biden administration to have been found in Biden’s possession in recent months. On Nov. 2, Biden’s lawyers found a number of documents in his Penn Biden Center office in Washington. Those documents had been immediately handed into the National Archives. The second batch of documents was found in a storage space in Biden’s garage in December. The investigation into any potential cases of mishandling of classified documents is now in the hands of former U.S. attorney, Robert Hur, as reported by AP News.

The outlet also reported that Sauber has previously noted that the White House trusted that the Department of Justice would be thorough in its review of the documents.

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