More JFK Assassination Documents Released

More JFK Assassination Documents Released

( – Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963, while the leader was riding alongside his wife in the presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas. For the past six decades, many Americans have wondered about the investigation into the assassination and just how much the government knew beforehand. Plenty of conspiracy theories have sprouted from the discussions. President Joe Biden recently released another stack of documents relating to the incident, providing more transparency for the American people.

On Thursday, December 15, the National Archives released 13,173 documents detailing the investigation into Oswald and the assassination. While the release hasn’t facilitated any significant revelations, one did show that the CIA carried out a successful wiretap operation with the help of the Mexican President while Oswald visited the Soviet embassy in Mexico two months before carrying out the attack.

President Joe Biden detailed the release in a memorandum. The briefing acknowledges that the assassination “resonate[s] in American history and in the memories” of many US citizens and stresses the importance of “transparency.” Biden also wrote how he hoped the new documents would give Americans “greater insight and understanding of the Government’s investigation into this tragic event in American history.” The National Archives is still holding over 4,000 documents concerning the assassination.

The White House memo stated the archives might release another round of documents by May 1, 2023, as agencies continue to comb through them to ensure their safe declassification.

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