More Members of Kamala Harris’s Office Are Leaving

Another Member of Kamala Harris's Office Leaves

( – Vice President Kamala Harris has had a revolving door system in operation within her team. Since taking office in 2021, she’s had eight staff members leave, and two recent announcements will bring that number up to ten. It’s not necessarily unusual for staff to come and go in government. However, rumors about a hostile work environment continue to plague her office.

According to an internal memo from Jamal Simmons obtained by CBS News, deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh will leave her position to move onto the Department of Defense. During the past year, there have been numerous rumors about the conditions within the Harris camp and former staff members speaking out on the issue. This exodus has fueled speculation that people don’t want to work for the vice president.

Harris’s national security adviser, Nancy McEldowney, also announced this week that she will be resigning. According to reports, she will be replaced by her deputy, Philip Gordon.

In the December 2 press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed criticism about the departures from Harris’ team. Psaki said the work during the first year of an administration is stressful, and resignations are common. She dismissed all ideas suggesting people are leaving because the vice president is difficult or they no longer wish to work with her.

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