More Remains Discovered in Lake Mead Amid Drought

More Remains Discovered in Lake Mead Amid Drought

Human Remains FOUND – The Plot Thickens!

( – When work crews built the Hoover Dam, it created the largest reservoir in America, now known as Lake Mead. In recent years, drought and high water usage have caused the water levels to drop, revealing items that have been hidden beneath the surface, in some cases, for nearly a century. This month, visitors to one of the lake’s beaches discovered something quite disturbing: human remains.

On Saturday, August 6, vacationers at Swim Beach in the Lake Mead Recreational Area called the National Park Service to alert them to human remains they found. With the help of the Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s dive team, investigators removed them for further research and identification.

In recent months, this isn’t the first instance of human remains popping up along the lake. In early May, people found a barrel with a body inside. It dated back to the mid-1970s or early 80s and had clear gunshot wounds, likely from gang or mafia violence. Just days later, visitors found another decomposed body at Calville Bay. Then, on July 25, tourists at Boulder Beach found part of a human skeleton. In all, park visitors have found four bodies/body parts in the past four months.

Lake Mead is already at its lowest since 1937. If the lake doesn’t level out or regain water soon, it could eventually force Hoover Dam to produce less hydroelectricity as well.

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