Mother Fed Up With Baby Formula Shortage, Blasts Biden Admin

Mother Blasted Biden Admin Over Continuing Formula Shortage

Biden Gets BLASTED – Babies Are in Trouble!

( – One of a parent’s main jobs is ensuring they feed their children, including providing babies with milk or a substitute, depending on the family’s needs. Yet, this has become increasingly difficult for many recently as the infant food shortage has dragged on for nearly half a year. One mother is holding President Joe Biden accountable for it.

When Abbott’s Michigan plant closed down in February due to a bacterial infection and other safety infractions, it created a shortage nationwide. Louisiana mother Amber Bergeron, a mother of twins born in April 2022, has had trouble finding the right extra-concentrated formula for her premature children since birth.

In an article published on August 1, she told Fox News she feels “hopeless” — as if the families currently dealing with the issue “don’t matter.” She claimed Biden and his administration are more concerned about other nations’ problems than those facing the US. Notably, Bergeron also talked to the news outlet back at the end of June. At that time, she called the shortage “disgusting to me because I’m sure these politicians’ babies eat.”

One article from The Daily Mail reported that as of the week ending on July 24, baby formula in the US had about a 30 percent out-of-stock rate. However, in a July 30 interview with NPR, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf emphasized the US is now producing more than enough infant food, but it’s taking time to get to store shelves. He noted it might also be in unfamiliar packaging to speed up production. In the long run, the FDA wants to diversify the formula market, so a disaster like this doesn’t happen again.

Do you think the Biden Administration will actually be able to improve market diversification for infant formula in America?

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