Mother Opens Up 3 Years After Child Was Tossed From Balcony

Mother Opens Up 3 Years After Child Was Tossed From Balcony

( – In the spring of 2019, Kari Hoffman had just wrapped up parent-teacher conferences and decided to celebrate by bringing her five-year-old son and a friend to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. While taking in the fascinating sounds and displays near the Rainforest Cafe, a man approached her son and began to speak with him. Before she could react, he grabbed her son, ran to the nearby balcony, and threw him over. While the child survived, his mother is now opening up about his healing journey more than three years later.

In an exclusive “Good Morning America” interview on Tuesday, December 14, Kari Hoffman and her now eight-year-old son Landon appeared to talk about their past few years. Landon, who dealt with brain trauma, broken arms, and a broken leg, now loves to play hockey and attend school.

His mother, Kari, now refers to her son’s survival and recovery as a “miracle” and recalls how all she asked onlookers at the incident to do was “to pray.”

The month after the incident, Emmanuel Aranda pleaded guilty to the attempted killing and is now serving his 19-year sentence in prison. Hoffman told GMA that she forgave Aranda for his actions but emphasized that it was a choice she made “so that God can do what he needs to do in your life… and that was to save Landen.”

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