Mountain Biker Passes Away After Helping Others

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, July 15, a mountain biker passed away shortly after assisting with the rescue of four dehydrated bikers on the trail, according to a Cal Fire.

The call first came in during the mid-afternoon when four people were reported to be exhausted from the heat at Carrizo Gorge in the Jacumba Mountains. Cal Fire rescue workers along with a helicopter went to assist at the scene.

When the crews arrived, two mountains bikers went to meet with them and guide them to the location of the hikers, while two other bikers stayed with the hikers. It’s been reported that the temperature was around 106 degrees.

The four hikers, along with two of the bikers, were reportedly examined and treated before being let go. According to Fox News, the helicopter transported the hikers off the trail, but none of them went to the hospital. Following the rescue of the hikers, two of the mountain bikers started making their way back to their meeting point. The 24-year-old biker, however, reportedly started having troubles and collapsed a number of times. Some outlets reported that he became separated from his friend somewhere along the way, and was later discovered unresponsive.

The 24-year-old mountain biker was taken into a vehicle with air-conditioning as they awaited the arrival of emergency help. Officials stated that during transport, medics started trying to revive the biker, who was shortly after pronounced dead. The individual hasn’t been identified, but NBC San Diego reported his age.

The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office is set to investigate the exact cause of death.

In a Facebook post, Cal Fire thanked those who assisted the team to reach the patients. They proceeded to encourage all hikers to always carry water when doing outdoor activities, and to choose days with cooler temperatures for these activities.

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