Multiple Cemeteries Vandalized in Pennsylvania

Multiple Cemeteries Vandalized in Pennsylvania

( – Vandals may sometimes think their graffiti won’t harm anyone. Although, when the images are disturbing, they’re often intended to hurt and can be as painful as a physical assault.

On February 24, St. Mary Polish American Society in Philadelphia posted photos to Facebook showing swastika graffiti in three cemeteries. The inclusion of swastikas in the markings was especially callous, considering many buried in these cemeteries are of Polish descent and have connections to the Nazi occupation in that country during WWII.

The organization called it a “tremendous act of hatred” and condemned the racist actions. They also held a prayer service that evening at St. Benedict’s Cemetery to pray for those responsible to turn their hearts away from hate, hoping the gathering would also show the community wouldn’t accept such actions.

The crimes occurred at St. Matthew’s, Old St. Matthew’s, and St. Benedict’s cemeteries. Someone walking by St. Benedict’s noticed the marking on graves and reported it to authorities. Officers found the graffiti at the other locations during their investigation. They said the markings looked similar, and the culprits likely were responsible for the damage at all the sites due to the use of the same paint.

Local law enforcement in Plymouth and Whitemarsh townships continue to investigate the matter and ask anyone with information to contact their offices.

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