Multiple States Following in California’s Footsteps on Emissions

Multiple States Following in California's Footsteps on Emissions

Multiple States JOIN California – It’s Happening!

( – Some people believe lawmakers and the government should be the force for change in an industry, while others would rather allow consumers and their choices in an open market to steer policy. California follows the first theory, and the legislature recently approved the ban of the sale of internal combustion engines by 2035.

A collective of states supported the Golden Bear state’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, including Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Several states have also made moves to follow in California’s footsteps.

On Thursday, August 25, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a new set of regulations to ensure all new vehicles sold in the state are zero emissions by 2035. This requirement will phase in over the next decade. Drivers can still operate their gas-powered cars after the final cutoff in 2035 because the new guidelines only apply to new car sales.

In light of this move, Washington Governor Jay Inslee reminded his constituents their state would follow suit:

Washington passed a law tying their car requirements to those of California in 2020. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R) made a similar commitment in 2020 for his state to follow California emissions standards as they roll out, and the Codfish state legislature affirmed his statement through a bill.

States like Oregon and New York are also attempting to follow California’s lead with similar emissions laws.

With the large push toward electric vehicles, some experts are sharing their concerns over anticipated power demands to fuel this new fleet and power grid resilience, which is already a struggle for many states.

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