Murder Rates Reportedly Reach Terrifying Highs in US

Murder Rates Reportedly Reach Terrifying Highs in US

( – Since the 1990s, murder rates in the United States were on a steady decline. However, 2020 and 2021 brought a steep uptick in the murder rate, terrifying citizens and experts alike. Now, cities are trying to understand the cause and turn this statistic around.

With 2022 underway, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can begin finalizing statistics from 2021. The 2021 murder rate estimate reportedly stands at 6.9 murders per 100,000 people. This rate is barely lower than the 1996 rate of 7.4, shared here by New York Times reporter Jesse Drucker:

Cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and Austin saw the largest uptick in murders. Many argue that the COVID-19 shutdowns that fueled mental health emergencies and unemployment sparked the rise in violence. However, some also believe soft-on-crime policies and lack of police support in general likely contributed to the terrifying rise in murders in the US as well.

These data estimates highlight the importance of finding ways to combat growing crime rates in America. Robert Boyce, former chief of detectives for the NYPD, believes one primary driver of the killings is “nobody’s getting arrested anymore.” Only by finding a healthy balance of police presence, justice, mental health assistance, and a sense of community and belonging will this nation be able to combat the growing violence.

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