Music ICON Dies Suddenly – End of an Era!

Famous Rapper Passes Away at 59

Famous Rapper Passes Away at 59

( – No one knew it at the time, but in 1963, in Monessen, Pennsylvania, Jackie Slater gave birth to Artis Ivey Jr., an individual who would become a Grammy-award-winning rapper known as Coolio. After a move to Compton, California, the budding star released “Gansta’s Paradise” in 1995 as part of the soundtrack to the movie “Dangerous Minds.” The song won him the best rap solo performance the following year after hovering at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for almost a month. Now, the famous singer is dead at the age of 59.

On Wednesday, September 28, TMZ reported Coolio died at a friend’s house. He had gone to the bathroom but didn’t return, and his friend found him lying on the floor. Law enforcement didn’t find drugs at the scene and didn’t anticipate finding evidence of foul play. Still, a toxicology test and autopsy will determine the official cause of death.

Michelle Pfeiffer, a major star who shared the screen with him in “Dangerous Minds,” called him a “gifted artist” who was “nothing but gracious” in a tribute on Instagram. On Twitter, fellow rapper MC HAMMER called Coolio “one of the nicest dudes I’ve known,” while Weird Al Yankovic paid his respects as well with an image of himself and Coolio together.

Many will miss this rapper who greatly contributed to the music industry through his songs, lyrics, beats, and pure talent.

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