Mysterious “Boom” Disturbs Residents in New Orleans


( – Sometimes, it’s difficult to decipher the noises happening outside of one’s house, especially with the sounds of a bustling city nearby. Along these lines, New Orleans, Louisiana, residents are trying to figure out what caused an enormous boom in their city recently, shaking their houses and windows.

A little before midnight on Tuesday, January 25, NOLA residents heard a strange, loud explosion-like sound reverberating across their city. Many people reported feeling shaking and rattling around them. However, residents and city officials didn’t see any explosions, fireworks, or other major disturbances at the time. The New Orleans Police Department has yet to place what caused the loud boom. shared about its local mystery on Twitter:

Some people speculated the loud sound could have been from a meteor, but a spokesperson at the Stennis Space Center said none passed near the area that night. However, California residents in San Geronimo Valley said they heard a similar loud explosion recently, but the only potential explanation for it was some unknown damage to a large tree nearby. With these mystery booms continuing to spread, one has to wonder what in the world is causing these strange and slightly terrifying noises and whether there’s cause for concern.

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