Nancy Pelosi Shoots Down Question From Reporter

Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Question From Reporter

( – California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, 82, has represented the people of San Fransisco in the US House of Representatives since 1987. She will continue serving her constituents in the lower chamber through 2024, despite stepping down from the Speaker role. But, when reporters inquired about this during a recent press conference, she dismissed them.

Ever since someone broke into Pelosi’s home in late October and attacked her husband, Paul, with a hammer, there has been buzz about her future in Congress. Some people have speculated that she would end her lifelong career as a politician before the end of this next term to spend more time back on the West coast with her husband.

Knowing this, on Thursday, December 15, during her weekly press briefing, a reporter asked Pelosi whether she would serve the entire term she just won in reelection. She quickly scoffed at the question, saying, “What is this? Don’t bother me with a question like that.”

She continued, stating that she already knows what she is going to do and “those kind of questions are such a waste of my time.”

In the new year, New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D) will take over her position as the Democratic leader in the House. The fact that Pelosi is continuing to serve after stepping back from being the party’s main leader in the lower chamber is somewhat unusual. But for now, Americans must wait and see how long Pelosi will stay in the House.

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