Navy Seal Veterans Running for Congress Appear in Ad

Navy Seal Veterans Running for Congress Appear in Ad

( – The midterm elections are only months away, and campaigns are starting to roll out. The latest ads are taking aim at a very polarizing figure.

SEAL PAC, a political action committee supporting six Navy seal veterans running for Congress, released an ad that takes on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The video shows scenes demonstrating these men’s military service to the country. It then takes a stance against Pelosi and the other Democrats in Congress, calling them the only “grave threat left to defeat.”

The candidates include Ryan Zinke (MT), Brady Duke (FL), Derrick Van Orden (WI), Eli Crane (AZ), Morgan Luttrell (TX), and Ed Thelander (ME). The highly decorated group commits to returning conservative values to Congress and ending the Left’s control of the legislative branch.

SEAL PAC chairman Ryan Zinke is a retired Navy SEAL commander. In a statement to Breitbart, Zinke said the midterm elections are of the greatest importance. He explained the results are high stakes and will determine where the country goes. Zinke went on to say Pelosi and House Democrats are a significant threat to the Constitution. He said the election of these six men will help to refocus Congress and move America “in the right direction again.”

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