New Biden Official Already Under Fire for Border Decisions

New Biden Official Already Under Fire for Border Decisions

( – The number of border crossings since President Biden assumed office has raised several concerns regarding the competency of administration officials. He put Vice-President Kamala Harris in charge of efforts to reduce border crossings weeks ago, but she has yet to take substantial action on the mounting crisis.

Health Secretary Xavier Becerra is reportedly causing friction within the administration over the delays in his housing provision for the thousands of unaccompanied children that have flooded across the border in recent weeks.

Current and former government officials are questioning his ability to manage the growing problem of unaccompanied migrant children flooding the border. An unnamed administration official said that Becerra didn’t “fully appreciate” the crisis when he assumed office. Handling the situation since taking the lead at the Department of Health has been “a steep learning curve for him,” the official added.

As GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel recently wrote on her Twitter account, it’s high time the Biden administration took responsibility for the border crisis rather than simply placing blame.

If Becerra can’t handle the problem, perhaps it’s time to start looking for someone who can.

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