New CNN Service Reportedly Has an Unsuccessful Start

New CNN Service Reportedly Has a Rough Start

( – For more than a year, CNN’s viewership has decreased across its brand. In response, the news organization hoped starting a streaming service, dubbed CNN+, would boost its income stream and rebuild viewership. However, according to insiders, people aren’t using the new service as corporate leaders expected.

On Tuesday, April 12, CNBC published a report citing sources inside CNN who said fewer than 10,000 people are using the streaming service every day, despite its launch on March 29. According to an Axios article from the same day, leaders at CNN hoped the service would recruit two million daily US subscribers in its first year and break even after four years. At its current rate, however, that’s a far-fetched dream.

Joe Concha, a political columnist for The Hill, posted a New York Post report that says it would be for the Discovery CEO David Zaslav to cut the streaming service altogether after the $43 billion merger goes through:

While CNN+ is hurting for subscribers, it still hasn’t completed its rollout. It only made it to Roku on Monday, April 11, and the company isn’t available on Android TV yet. Perhaps, easier access will boost the service’s numbers soon. On the other hand, maybe people are over CNN’s reporting or consuming news 24/7. What do you think?

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