New Details Released After Tragic Shooting on Alec Baldwin Movie Set

New Details Released After Tragic Shooting on Alec Baldwin Movie Set

( – On Thursday, October 21, reports hit the news media of the tragic shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the New Mexico set of an upcoming movie. By Sunday night, the Los Angeles Times obtained a copy of a search warrant and supporting affidavits that reveal some of the grim details of her apparent accidental death at the hands of Hollywood film actor and producer Alec Baldwin.

According to the search warrant, director Joel Souza heard a sound like someone cracking a whip followed by a “loud pop” as Baldwin was practicing cross-drawing a revolver from his holster and aiming it at the camera.

Souza remembered hearing Hutchins complain about her stomach while she grabbed her abdominal region. Hutchins started to stumble, and someone helped her to the ground. Camera operator Reid Russell, who was standing next to Hutchins, told investigators she remarked about not feeling her legs.

A supporting affidavit for the search warrant from a local detective provided additional details regarding the events leading up to the shooting. He said only two people had access to the gun used in the scene, armorer Hannah Reed and assistant director Dave Halls.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Reed placed three handguns on a cart, and Halls later retrieved one of them and handed it to Baldwin. Halls shouted “cold gun” as he passed the weapon, meaning it didn’t contain a live round.

On October 25, reports revealed that Halls was fired from a previous job due to a gun mishap.

Juan Ríos, a Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office spokesman, told reporters that investigators wouldn’t limit the inquiry to the fatality and events immediately preceding the shooting. As he explained, investigators will look “at everything… from safety standards on down.”

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