New House Speaker Speaks Up on Israel Aid

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

( – New House Speaker Mike Johnson stated during his first television appearance on Fox News that the U.S. is standing with Israel. During his appearance on “Hannity,” he stated that the House of Representatives had supported a bill in support of Israel that would provide the country with $14.5 billion through the White House. He said amount is larger than the one requested by the Middle Eastern country.

However, Johnson noted that one of the big differences between the House appropriation and other versions of federal support is that this did not include just printing money. Instead, the money is exchanged for “pay-fors” in the budget. He added that the figure of funds provided is connected to specific measures and that all funding provided to Israel is gathered and offset. During the interview, he made clear that while it’s important for the US to continue supporting “nations of free people” globally, he also acknowledged that the US needs to take care of itself as well. As a result, America can’t simply drop funds “out of helicopters.”

Regarding the possibility of the U.S. military becoming involved in the Israel conflict against Hamas in Gaza, Johnson stated that he was hopeful that they would be able to avoid the possibility of a ground attack against Gaza. He proceeded to point out that President Biden’s staff had limited ability to take action without having the approval of Congress.

He said that in cases such as this, the Founding Fathers had envisioned the existence of a “multitude of wise counsel” which is the power for the declaration of war is given to Congress rather than the President.

Johnson further claimed that after a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they had agreed that Israel faced threats daily as their neighbors were trying to eliminate them.

On Monday, October 30, the House GOP introduced its aid plan for Israel, which offers about $14.3 billion by cutting IRS funding. The bill isn’t expected to go over well with Democrats, but is set to reach the House Rules Committee on Wednesday.

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