New Kamala Harris Poll Highlights Shaky Approval Ratings

New Kamala Harris Poll Highlights Shaky Approval Ratings

( – Opinion polls seem to haunt Vice President Kamala Harris. She’s had a rough time trying to improve her public image over the past year, and a recent poll shows she’s still not accomplishing that goal.

The Hill/HarrisX survey from December 6 and 7 showed 50% of registered voters don’t approve of the vice president’s job performance. Only 43% approved of her performance. About 7% had no opinion.

The recent results show a drop in approval for Harris, who previously polled with only a 43% disapproval rate and 47% approving of her work in The Hill/HarrisX August 4 and 5 poll.

However, Harris is still far more popular with Democrats than Republicans. The latest poll suggests that about 81% of registered Democrats approve of her, while only 11% of Republicans feel the same way.

The latest numbers are not a huge surprise based on recent rumors about her staffers saying she’s difficult to work with, her lack of movement on the border crisis, and multiple inappropriate guffaws during interactions with the press.

The response from Harris has been her typical reaction to an awkward situation; laughing things off. She has called the headlines absurd and said she refuses to give them any attention.

Many voters have have been disappointed by Harris’s approach to the vice presidency so far — only time will tell if she finds a way to regain the favor of Americans.

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