New Legislation Would Let Kids Be Vaccinated Without Parents’ Approval

New Legislation Would Let Kids Be Vaccinated Without Parents' Approval

( – Part of the weight and responsibility of being a parent includes making decisions for children to change the course of their lives. While this seems daunting for most at some point, it’s an intrinsic part of parenthood. Many are arguing that a California lawmaker wants to take away some of that responsibility by allowing children in his state between 12 and 17 to receive a vaccine without parental consent.

On Thursday, January 20, California State Senator Scott Wiener (D) introduced SB 866, which would let children as young as 12 decide on their own if they want a vaccine. Aside from Washington, DC, which has a vaccine consent age of 11, there’s no other place in the US that allows minors that young to make such decisions. One exception is vaccination against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). California minors ages 12 and up can already receive vaccines to protect against STDs like Hepatitis B and HPV without parental consent. However, they need approval for others, including but not limited to the COVID-19 jab.

One Twitter user shared a USA Today story that offers more details on this development:

While many Democrats are supporting the bill, multiple Republican lawmakers have pushed back on the legislation, emphasizing parents are responsible for their children’s health care decisions and have the right to know what healthcare workers put in their children’s bodies. So, as this battle over responsibility and minor’s healthcare autonomy plays out, many parents are sure to weigh in with their own opinions on the subject.

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