New “Only Adult” Zone Announced for European Airline

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

( – Turkish Dutch Corendon Airlines is set to try out a new section in their flights that can be exclusively used by those who are traveling without children. The “Only Adult” zone is going to be available on flights traveling from Curaçao to Amsterdam after November 3.

The translated airline’s press release notes that this section is intended for those who are traveling without kids and for business travelers who are looking for a quieter environment. The airline revealed this section is also going to be beneficial to parents so they don’t have to worry so much about their child disrupting other passengers nearby if they get agitated or start crying.

According to recent reports, the Only Adult zone will be located at the front of the plane and there is going to be 93 standard seats and nine extra-large extra-legroom seats. There is also going to be a physical separation between the two sections through curtains and walls which will help facilitate the quiet and peaceful environment the travelers using the Only Adult zone are looking for.

The Only Adult zone comes at a cost. There is going to be an additional charge for users who want to take advantage of this section of the plane. The extra charge is another 45 euros, or $49, for the seat in that zone. Extra-large seats with additional legroom have an added cost of 100 euros. The age limit for purchasing these seats is 16, and no one below that age will be allowed to travel in that area.

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