New POLL Results Revealed – Bad News for Biden!

Poll Suggests Americans Largely Blame Biden for Inflation

Poll Suggests Many Americans Believe Biden Is Responsible for Inflation

( – President Joe Biden has made a series of decisions since his inauguration, which shaped the nation’s political, economic, and social course over the last two years. He inherited a pandemic, lockdowns, and controversies, but how have his decisions shaped the outcomes? A new poll reveals that many Americans blame the POTUS for harsh inflation affecting their budgets.

On Wednesday, November 2, Newsweek published an article examining the results of a poll conducted for the media outlet by Redfield & Wilton Strategies at the end of October. Of the 1,500 likely American voters surveyed, 61% believe Biden and his administration’s policies are “significantly” or “fairly” to blame for rising costs. An additional 17% said the sitting president was at least a little bit responsible for inflation.

Another question peripherally related to inflation and the economy in the Newsweek poll asked Americans whether their economic condition was better, worse, or unchanged condition since the January 2021 inauguration. A whopping 49% of respondents said they were in worse financial shape, while 23% claimed they were doing better. Around 21% responded their financial situations remain unchanged, but 7% couldn’t answer.

Despite the doubts of many Americans, Biden has continued his efforts to show that he is prioritizing the economy and inflation. According to Reuters, he visited a communications firm in California, where he advocated for the Democrats ahead of midterms and discussed supply chain and economic issues. He acknowledged that inflation is hitting Americans hard but added that the “economy continues to grow.”

Just days away from the midterm elections, the poll seems to show just how deeply inflation and the downturned economy are affecting most Americans. The poll also showed most Americans believe Republicans are more focused on dealing with inflation than Democrats.

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