New Poll Shows Lack of Trust in Police To Stop Shootings

New Poll Shows Lack of Trust in Police To Stop Shootings

Mass Shooting POLL Results Released – Can You Believe This?

( – With revelations about police inaction during the Robb Elementary School shooting fresh in their minds, 1,078 likely voters responded to a poll asking them how much they trust law enforcement when it comes to protection from a mass shooting. The survey from The Trafalgar Group ran from July 7 to July 10 with a margin of error of 2.9%. Results show Americans have shaky confidence that law enforcement officers can protect them from a violent person with a gun.

The first poll question asked about the confidence in law enforcement and government officials to stop someone from becoming a mass shooter. Of all respondents, 35.3% replied they were not very confident. Only 9.8% indicated they felt officers and officials could be successful at preventing an incident, and 26.9% had no faith at all in them.

A lack of confidence in police doesn’t appear to be a solely partisan issue in this case. Over 35% of Democrats said they lacked confidence in officials and officers, while 31% had no trust in them. GOP responses showed 33.4% had little confidence in police or officials, 18.5% didn’t believe in their abilities at all.

The survey also asked who would offer the best protection in the event of a mass shooting. Overall results indicated 41.8% said a good guy with a gun, and 25.1% said law enforcement.

On this subject, Democrats and Republicans were at odds. Left-leaning respondents, at a rate of 33.9%, felt out of armed citizens, police, or federal agents, none could provide adequate protection. But 31.4% put their trust in the police. Among the GOP, 70.4% went with an armed civilian as the best protector, and only 16.8% said police could get the job done.

Takeaways from the poll suggest Americans lack trust and faith in law enforcement, and they are more likely to believe someone carrying a gun might stop a shooter. What about you? Who would you trust in such a dangerous situation?

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