New Report Reveals Epstein Prison Guards’ Disturbing Plan

Epstein Prison Guards' Disturbing Plan Before Confessing Revealed

( – Controversy continues to surround the death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein nearly two years after his apparent suicide in a federal detention center while awaiting trial on new charges. Epstein remained on suicide watch at the time of his death, and guards were tasked with checking his cell every thirty minutes. Yet, somehow, he reportedly managed to strangle himself using his bedsheet.

The two guards on duty the night of his death confessed to federal prosecutors they slept on duty and falsified reports to cover this up. They made those admissions as part of a plea agreement with the Department of Justice. In a new development, the Daily News reported on May 31 that the guards initially planned on portraying themselves as “scapegoats for a deeply dysfunctional system.”

Insiders at the detention center where Epstein died confirmed that an ongoing problem existed with guards falsifying documents at the facility and throughout the US Bureau of Prisons. One source even said that filing false reports was more the “norm than an anomaly” in federal lockup centers.

These allegations raise questions regarding whether prison overcrowding and inadequate staffing resources are issues of greater concern than the confession of two guards.

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