New Reports Shed Light on Hunter Biden Scandal

New Reports Shed Light on Hunter Biden Scandal

( – Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post published a story detailing the contents of Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop, revealing the alleged shady business dealings and disrespectful conduct of President Joe Biden’s son. Finally, after months of claiming it was Russian disinformation, the mainstream media has started taking the scandal more seriously, and this has helped key details come to light. The latest comes from an exclusive Washington Post investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China.

Hunter Biden Makes Millions with Chinese Energy Company

The Washington Post investigation reported that Hunter Biden entered into a contract with Chinese executive Gongwen Dong on August 2, 2017. This new venture was a financial partnership between the then-former Vice President’s son and a Chinese Energy conglomerate (CEFC).

In just over a year after its inception, the Chinese company had allegedly paid Hunter Biden and his uncle $4.8 million. While this was technically after Joe Biden served as Vice President and before he announced his bid for the president, the business deal still raises the question of how much Hunter Biden used his father’s name and influence to make the connections that made him rich.

The Post emphasized it found no evidence “Joe Biden personally benefited from” the business dealings or had knowledge of them. Still, Hunter benefited monetarily from his father’s lengthy public service, which could benefit the current president financially.

Biden Family Friends Also Made Millions

According to a similar report from the New York Post, Hunter Biden and his uncle were not the only beneficiaries of the financial contract with CEFC. Reportedly, CEFC also sent a total of $6 million to Rob Walker, a friend of the Bidens and former staff member of the Clinton White House. Walker’s wife also served as Jill Biden’s second-in-command when she was the second lady during the Obama administration. The pair of $3-million payments in 2017 raises additional questions about whether and how Joe Biden or even Jill Biden used their influence to help their friends and family make money.

Lastly, the New York Post pointed out Hunter Biden and his partners also paired up with CEFC for a deal where an unnamed “big guy,” likely Joe Biden, would get a 10% cut.

Although it’s promising the mainstream media is finally beginning to address Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, it remains to be seen whether these outlets will repeat past patterns. Can the mainstream outlets be trusted not to sweep anything under the rug but, instead, bring any illegal happenings to the forefront of the news so citizens can trust in their news sources once again, to say nothing of their government and those who run it?

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