New Titles Suggested for Military Bases Named After Confederates

New Titles in Discussion for Military Bases Named After Confederates

Military Bases To Be RENAMED?! – Find Out Which Ones

( – Congress passed bipartisan legislation in January of 2021 mandating the renaming of Army bases currently commemorating Confederate leaders by the end of 2023. In a press statement on May 24, retired Navy Admiral Michelle Howard, chair of the Naming Commission, announced the group’s recommendations to rename nine Army bases currently honoring Confederate generals. The committee’s suggestions would replace current names with those of individuals who hold significance to the Army, with one exception. Fort Bragg would become Fort Liberty.

Congress created the Naming Commission in 2021. Its members serve by appointment from the secretary of defense and ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. Other name-change recommendations from the commission include:

  • Fort Lee changing to Fort Gregg-Adams
  • Fort A.P. Hill is becoming Fort Walker
  • Fort Benning is changing to Fort Moore
  • Fort Hood will change to Fort Cavazos
  • Fort Polk is changing to Fort Johnson
  • Fort Gordon will become Fort Eisenhower
  • Fort Rucker will change to Fort Novosel
  • Fort Picket is becoming Fort Barfoot

In response to the statement, the House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Representative Adam Smith (D-WA), said he respects the commission’s hard work and due diligence in the renaming process. He declared this “a first step in addressing Confederate symbolism in the US military.”

In addition to renaming the bases, the process will also involve removing all commemoration of the Confederacy, including any person who voluntarily served under its flag. The commission will continue to work on its full plan and present its final findings to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees around October 1. Congress will have the final say in all renamings.

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