New Web Browser Launched for Republicans

New Web Browser Launched for Republicans

This New Web Browser Could STOP Censorship In Its Tracks

( – Virtual World Computing CEO Jeff Bermant has developed a new web browser for conservatives called TUSK. He explained the need for the product in a May 10 Fox News exclusive, saying left-leaning politics have corrupted current offerings. The conservative CEO stated TUSK focuses on free speech.

Bermant said he felt other browsers attempt to muzzle conservative viewpoints. He noted many people don’t realize there is so much censorship because it’s all they know. He also said TUSK would provide more accurate results and allow new conservative organizations to show up alongside Left-leaning sites, depending on the user’s customization options, to offer a well-rounded experience.

Bermant claimed liberals control the internet, but he wants to even the playing field. He is also working on a search engine to provide non-biased results. He stated the results are heavily skewed to the Left when someone enters a term on the available search engines. He wants to change that by further developing TUSK.

TUSK advertises itself as the “first-of-its-kind free speech web browser.” It became available for public use on May 10 via an Apple app or on PC or Mac. The browser will not track data or collect user information to make money, and Bermant explained a portion of all advertising profits would go to veterans’ groups.

What do you think of Bermant’s new web browser?

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